Wednesday, October 10, 2007

9 Days Away from Closing

On September 15, I toured 3 houses. On September 19, I (we) made an offer on one that seemed to meet our needs and fit our budget. On September 20, they accepted the low-price offer. Ever since then, this has been a series of open doors & positive answers.

I am buying a house in 9 days.

This picture was taken from the website

It's been a long time since I started looking that actually owning a home seems surreal.
I spent so long looking for my dream house, and I thought I could never buy a house unless it was perfect. Well, after realizing that I wouldn't want to own my dream cottage with my roommate, only to have to move out of it later whenever I got married, I have felt very content and at peace about this house. It meets our needs & that's what is important. Investment expert Larry Burkett, in his book Investing in Your Building Years, says that a home is the wisest investment to make for a person my age. Through that, and in other ways, I've gotten a lot of confirmation about this purchase. Yay!

There are only two bumps in the road between now and closing: convincing the sellers to install a high-efficiency furnace (because the existing furnace is broken) and convincing the insurance company to insure the co-owner's belongings (she's not a member of the armed forces--neither are her parents--so she can't become a member of my bank/insurance company). Other than the thought of spending my current savings in the first month of owning the home, I am so excited to own a home!

I am buying a house in 9 days. I have to keep saying that to myself so I can believe it.

Well, I've got to get back to work.