Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Travel (or Things I'm excited about right now)

The list we've all (meaning me) been waiting for is finally here:
Alicia Paulson's (Posie Gets Cozy) Portland List!  
 (photo from
Someday, I will travel to Portland, Oregon, and I will visit many places on this list.  After Alaska

In other travel news, check out  It's a blog after my tourist-in-my-own-town heart.  Through articles and photographs, the blog's creator thoughtfully documents the hidden gems that she discovers in small towns across the Hoosier state (my adopted home).  

Also, the blog has started to film short videos to highlight small towns.  I am excited about the possibility that they will be able to create more films about local adventures.  Here's hoping that there is a sponsor out there for them!
View their video here or on youtube: