Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Fever

I don't know about anyone else, but it's taken me a while to feel the refreshing rush of springtime. I LOVE winter...Christmas, snow, crocheting blankets, bundling up & reading magazines, and imagining spring and summer projects while pretending that I was a home improvment expert. Yes, I was clinging onto winter's slow-down, laid-back aspects like a blankie. Winter protected me from having to do any projects around the house, or so I thought. I enjoyed hibernating in many ways this past year, but the winter blues had really start to set in during February. Even when Easter decorations started to pop up in stores (late February!), I wasn't buying it yet. But now, on April 24, I'm in the midst of truly enjoying spring! I still am hesitant to believe that we're not going to get another sudden frost before May, but I'm willing to embrace each sun-soaked minute so far. Oh, and I am relishing those chills that come from a quick breeze tickling my un-scarf-covered neck. My back is killing me from picking out grass clumps from our newly tilled garden plot, but I am so excited about planting my first ever garden! Both my roommate and I have helped our parents garden in the past, but this will be my first attempt at providing large quantities of food for myself. Photos to appear later. They will just be pictures of dirt, but there will be pictures. (We did start some seeds last month, so I guess there will be some seedlings, which is probably the cutest word ever, but other than that--good old American dirt).

Oh, and in a totally separate vein: the Roloff's from Little People Big World are going to be on Oprah. I love LPBW and I really want to visit their farm someday. And the Portland area, mostly due to the burgeoning crafting scene out there. Everything seems so cater to the creative types out there.

And additionally, I'm helping my good friend/coworker with her wedding reception this Saturday. I'm trying to be superorganized and prepared for anything (think "Wedding Planner" movie), which is somewhat unlike me. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A short post... let the world know that I am still around & still working to fix up my house (which I love & is perfect for me!). This house has been a bit of a money sponge and has caused some friction in my time, but it has been a total God-thing. I can't imagine a more perfect house for me right now. yay! I will post some pictures later on. :-)