Thursday, June 21, 2007

Applying for a mortgage

So she said--let's buy a house, and I said--ok.

She said--I want to find the perfect house. Then I said--I can't afford to buy one now.

Two years later...
She says--here's the perfect, affordable house. Then I say--let's go for it!

The bank says... who knows???

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "How to Buy a House when You are an Unmarried, Poor College Grad (who lives with her best friend)"!

There are way too many details involved in buying a home, but I think having an attorney on my side would be a good idea.

Some people say that life wasn't all that great "back in the day"--but I think that obtaining a home/property was probably simpler. Consider the original European settlers: Maybe I could just exchange some pretty glass beads for a nice piece of property overlooking the ocean or something. Or what about the farmland lotteries in the wild (mid)west? Instead of wading through piles of paperwork and talking to people who think you are crazy for wanting to buy a house ("you're so young. live it up! don't settle down. you're not even married; why don't you just rent a nice little apartment?"), I could hitch up my horse and buggy and ride across the Oklahoma plains in search of a nice stream next to which I could build my log cabin and plant some crops.

Maybe I want to have a nice little home to call my own in a small town where everyone gets into each other's business and the most exciting thing going on is the new lampposts being installed in the downtown.

No sense in arguing. It all comes back to: not my will, but Yours be done, Lord.

But sometimes, I just want a little cottage, like this one:

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