Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have Done instead of To Do

I updated my 101 in 1001 list to more accurately reflect what I have been up to...not just dreams of what I might be able to accomplish.

I think that life sometimes sneaks up on me when I'm not looking. Because it might be frustrating to look a "to-do" list and see all of the items that were not completed, I took some time this evening to add to the list many of the adventures (positive and negative) of which I have played a role. According to my list, I have been really busy living.

Leaving one or two projects for a later season in my life frees me up for the activities of right now.

Planting a tree may be a beautiful thing, but right now is the time for comforting a 16 year old following the death of her mother.

Installing a fence in the backyard will be important whenever I have a dog, but right now is when I can impulsively dash off on 18 hour road trips on a weekend.

Despite what the lists say, I Have Done a lot. There will always be things To Do, but that doesn't mean they are for right now.

What have you been given right now?

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