Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Timeless Design (or "Old Images I Like")

I'm posting this here because I want to keep it in mind for future birthdays, Christmases, etc. Not necessarily for me, but for so many in my life, particularly those who are teachers, artists, or married to them (which is nearly everyone in my immediate and extended family).

Content (though I haven't read the book, just what's on websites): the charts are from the last two centuries or so of Life in the pre-PowerPoint era. Considering my affinity for that which is enduring and intellectual, I think I would love to spend time in the pages of this books.

Aesthetic: I love the red cloth binding and simple presentation of each chart.

Further thoughts: I would love a wall-chart or two from this book A classroom map of the world (one or two to use as wall-art) would be fantastic additions to my home, though I'm not entirely certain where they would fit in to my little ranch house. :-)

For example:

Take care >^..^<

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