Sunday, August 12, 2007

Better Homes and Gardens

The January 2007 issue of BHG is probably my favorite issue in so many ways: funky pancake recipes (I loooove pancakes!), black and white color schemes that don't look excessively modern, a gooooorgeous bedroom with turquoise & brown, instructions for terrariums, and other bits and bobs of interest.

My mom always used to say that I shouldn't be so nit-picky about the way the house looked because "Better Homes and Gardens isn't going to be photographing it any time soon." Well, if they were to photograph my house, I'd love for it to have the same feel as the January 2007 issue, starting with the turquoise/aqua blue dresser (or in my case, enclosed desk-turned-wardrobe).

Well, I musn't flit about anymore because I have stacks and stacks of work to be done. Enjoy the blue! I know I do!

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