Thursday, July 19, 2007

Home: the search, loneliness, and a storm

Update on house:
The bank countered our offer, so we countered their offer. And they countered that offer and I'm not sure what will happen next! It's exciting and scary.
In other news, my roommate is gone for the week, so I have the whole house to myself! I have enjoyed it, but I get a bit lonely. So I've been cleaning, decluttering, and watching WAAAAY too much Gilmore Girls. I'm sooooo glad I bought the entire collection; I'm on the 4th season now. Long story:
Last night there was a HUGE thunderstorm that actually woke me up (I can normally sleep through anything: tornadoes, trainwrecks, screaming babies, fighting cats...etc). When I woke up to horrendous thunder, I realized that my cat, Tussa, was still outside. The other two cats came in before I went to bed, but she was being a wild thing & didn't come when she was called. So I grabbed my blanket (don't know why, but i did) & walked towards the front door which is where they usually come in. As I passed by the kitchen, I saw my roommate's "old man kitty", Couddles, sitting on the windowsill, staring at Tussa, who was outside, as if to say "It's ok; I'll wait with you until help arrives." Her presence at the window was reassuring because standing on my front porch, calling "Here Kitty-Kitty" for all the neighborhood to hear just didn't appeal to me at 1:18am. So I ran to let her in through the back door (through the garage in my bare feet--which is not something I enjoy doing). When I opened the door (which is 5 feet away from the windowsill where she was sitting), she was not there. I assumed she ran around the front door. So I opened the overhead door and called for her...then a small branch fell and scared the snot out of me! Finally, Tussa came in crying and whining and went straight to her food and chowed down. I dried her off and went back to bed.
Yay. I'm alive and so is she.

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