Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We made an offer on the house! I'm so excited and nervous...will the bank accept the offer? Will the inspection reveal that everything is in good enough shape for us to tackle? Will all the financing pull through? Ack! I was nearly sick to my stomach on Friday when we went to Kokomo to talk to the realtor, and now that I'm thinking about it again, I'm getting some butterflies inside of me. I'll post more info soon!

On the random side of things:
Although I'm not getting married any time soon, this is for a guestbook at a fall wedding--and it is the neatest idea I have seen today:
Basically, the guests write their names and messages on leaves, and hang them on the tree, then the couple places them in a frame around a wedding photo.

(courtesy of B2bFall2005 http://www.theknot.com/co_profileview.htm?profilename=B2bfall2005 beautiful do-it-yourself details in this wedding!)

Also, I've also decided that I want to have a "craft swap" with some of my creative friends. Not quite sure about the details, but it will involved bringing out some of my items that I haven't put to good use & trading with friends! There will be food involved of course, and maybe a craft project for that night. hmmmm

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